Why we’d like to capture and use your personal data

We love to share and promote all the great things that happen in our communities and throughout Peabody. We may even ask the national and local press to cover our stories, to spread the news that bit further.

How we’d like to use your data

We’d like to use your information in some of our future marketing and communication, such as campaigns, print materials, our websites, internal communications, events, publications, surveys, reports, leaflets, social media, and local and national press.

It will involve us collecting and using your personal data such as your images (photographs), case studies, videos, testimonials, feedback, and audio recordings. We may also collect your name, address, health, and disability information. By health and disability information we mean anything that can be physically identified in an image or video. We won’t be asking you to provide any further details as part of this consent.

Protecting your personal data

Data protection provisions require us to ask your permission to capture and collect your data before using your information in this way. Please see the conditions of use below: 

  • We will retain your data for a period of three years and only use it after the period where you’ve agreed to it.
  • We will not share your data with anyone else for their marketing purposes.
  • We will not publish your personal email and postal address or telephone numbers in any of our publications and communications.
  • We may use group or class images with very general labels such as 'Residents at Peabody properties'.
  • We may include your full name with the image and may be used across Peabody Group.
  • We may use the image in literature unrelated to when the photographs were taken.

To find out more about how we use your personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

You can ask us to stop using your personal data and that of your family members at any time. If you wish to do this, email us at communications@peabody.org.uk

Please bear in mind that it might not be possible to withdraw materials that have already be published.

Peabody media usage consent form

Please indicate below if you’re happy for us to capture and use your data in our marketing and communication materials such as websites, social media, publication, and local and national press coverages.

Event information

Your personal data

Parental consent

To be completed by parent or guardian with parental responsibility, for children aged under 16 years.

Brief description of what you’re wearing (If you’re providing an image or video.)