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Audit and risk

Protecting us against risk and preparing us for audits. Providing independent scrutiny and challenging financial reporting and accounting issues. Making sure we meet legal and regulatory requirements in the areas of procurement, business continuity, data and IT security.

Committee members:

Graham Woolfman (Chair)
Helen Edwards 
Terry Hartwell
Eustace Xavier
Valerie Marshall (Town and Country Housing)

Nominations and remuneration

Making sure Peabody is an inspiring and inclusive place to work. Overseeing talent and performance management to make sure we look after our colleagues and meet regulatory and good practice requirements.

Committee members:

Cary Wakefield (Chair)

Graham Woolfman

Valerie Marshall (Town and Country Housing)

Caroline Corby

Finance and treasury

Managing our money to make sure we can continue serving our communities well into the future. Overseeing our investments, borrowing and the overall financial performance of the group.

Committee members:

David Hardy (Chair)
Graham Woolfman (Vice-Chair)
Brian Darling
Gaylene Kendall (Town and Country Housing)
Eustace Xavier


Overseeing investment in our communities to make a positive difference and help them become healthier, wealthier and happier.

Committee members:

Helen Edwards (Chair)
Thelma Stober (Vice-Chair)
Christine Turner (Town and Country Housing)
Peter Baffoe
Shreya Hewett (Peabody resident)
Karima Mbarak (Peabody resident)
Catherine O'Kelly
Katharina Winbeck


Making sure we deliver on our plans to build new affordable homes to rent and buy so more people can enjoy places that help them feel their best. Overseeing our regeneration programme, joint ventures and other commercial development activities.

Committee members:

Terry Hartwell (Chair)
Philippa Aitken
Ann Bentley
Arita Morris
Hari Sothinathan
Lindsay Todd (Town and Country Housing) 


Setting the direction for Thamesmead. Making sure we work alongside local people to help improve, grow and look after the town for the long-term.

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Committee members:

Philippa Aitken (Chair)
Hari Sothinathan
Thelma Stober
Nigel Perryman (Town and Country Housing)

Resident experience

Making sure residents are at the centre of everything we do and that we keep our promise of high-quality, accessible services for everyone. Providing assurance to the board that we’re complying with regulatory standards and reforms in relation to customer service, responsive repairs and other requirements.

Committee members:

Peter Baffoe (Chair)
Cary Wakefield (Vice-Chair)
Phyllida Culpin
Matthew Martin
John Kehoe
Ngozika Anichebe                                            

Care and support

Prioritising care so the people we support can lead happier, healthier, more independent lives.

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Committee members:

Helen Edwards (Chair)
Janet Sutherland (Vice-Chair)
Philippa Aitken
Lydia Benedek-Koteles
Michelle Edwards

Asset management

Looking after all our buildings and homes and constantly working to improve sustainability.

Committee members:

Phillipa Aitken (Chair)
Ann Bentley (Vice-Chair)
David Hardy
Terry Hartwell
Lindsay Todd (Town and Country Housing)
Zebrina Hanly

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Our leadership

Learn about the people who lead our mission to provide homes, champion communities and change lives.
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Our values and purpose

Learn about what matters to us. And how it influences the homes and communities we provide.