Governance is about committing to sustainability in our finances and the way we run our business. So we look after people and choose our business partners carefully.

We aim for the highest regulatory standards and industry ratings. And we make sure all our decisions have a positive impact on our residents, communities, colleagues and partners.

We’re focusing on these key areas:

Peabody board members

Our people

We are all about people. So we provide our residents and colleagues with the support they need to flourish. We believe in equal opportunities. And we’re passionate about building a workforce that truly reflects our communities. Our board members bring a wide range of experiences to the table, with 38 percent being women and 23 percent identifying as Black, Asian or as an ethnic minority. We’re working to improve this every day.

Kids and adults in forest

Our business

We want our whole business to be sustainable in how it’s run, how we spend our money and how we’re regulated. We’re registered as a Community Benefit Society, which means we operate for purposes that benefit the community as a whole. We reinvest any surplus we make back into building more affordable homes, carrying out repairs and refurbishments and making improvements to the community.

Large group of Peabody colleagues

Keeping our impact on track

We want to be held to account for what we do, so we know we’re doing the right thing. The quality of our social housing is assessed by the Regulator of Social housing (RSH). This makes sure that we build and maintain our homes to the highest possible standards. And that any problems, such as the ongoing issues with damp and mould, are dealt with quickly and effectively.

We’re rated G1 for governance – the highest ranking possible – and V2 for viability. Because we build social housing, we take on more financial risk than a standard homebuilder. Our V2 rating is in line with most developing housing associations.

Man connecting car to charging point

Sustainable finance

The sustainability theme continues through our finances with seven sustainability-linked loans. These offer reduced interest payments in return for achieving social and environmental goals. For us, these include improving the energy efficiency of our homes and adding more charging points.

We know one of the best ways to improve is to learn from experience. So we’re continually evaluating data to ensure we’re spending, investing and managing our money wisely. And we’ll continue to do this to help us grow our sustainability credentials and create a business that’s fit for the future.

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