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Elizabeth Connelly named finalist in the Women in Housing Awards

Elizabeth Connelly

Elizabeth Connelly, our Senior Landscape Construction Manager and LGBTQ+ lead, has been shortlisted for Inclusion Champion at the Women in Housing Awards 2023.

Published: 24/04/2023

Day to day, Elizabeth manages the refurbishment of the external environment, specialising in how the outdoors can enhance people’s wellbeing, and has previously won awards for designing inclusive spaces.

Inclusion has been Elizabeth’s focus throughout her career and continues to inspire her ambitions today. Her methods include thoughtful placement of visual cues for those with limited sight, equipment that supports mixed abilities, and spaces that reflect neurodiverse needs. Her work has a profoundly positive impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Elizabeth also co-chairs the LGBTQ+ network at Peabody - a new experience which she describes as immensely rewarding.

As a network lead, Elizabeth and her team support Peabody’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, and she has assisted with the recruitment of our Head of Diversity & Inclusion.

Shaun Kennedy, our Head of Diversity and Inclusion said:
“Since taking up the role of co-chair of the LGBTQ+ employee network, Elizabeth has personally led on a significant amount of work to support LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion within Peabody.

“Elizabeth is highly determined and has carried out this work in addition to her full-time role. I have been continually impressed by her positive attitude, invaluable insights, and enthusiasm for helping to make Peabody a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organisation.”

As a result of her involvement in the LGBTQ+ network, an increasing number of individual colleagues and teams contact Elizabeth for support on both a professional and personal basis. She advises on and responds to a wide range of issues around trans inclusion, support for older LGBTQ+ residents, and equality , while raising awareness of LGBTQ+ community challenges.

Vuyo Halimana, our Diversity and Inclusion Manager, said: “Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with. I deeply admire her inclusive and collaborative approach to leading the LGBTQIA+ network. She is creative and always thinking of new ways to raise awareness of the networks. She is so organised and truly committed to its long-lasting impact”.

Elizabeth says: “It is an absolute honour to be shortlisted for the Inclusion Champion Award, to raise the profile of Diversity & Inclusion and share my own growth in this space.

“None of this would have happened without the support and inspiration of others from the fabulous Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team here at Peabody. Thank you to Roxanne Botman, Irene-Mary Adeyinka, Darren Saunders and Amanda-Jayne Doherty.”

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