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Innovative partnership wins at Housing Digital Awards

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Our partnership with social enterprise Cook for Good has been recognised at the Housing Digital Innovation Awards where we were jointly awarded ‘Most Innovative Partnership’.

Published: 14/02/2023

Our partnership with social enterprise Cook for Good has been recognised at the Housing Digital Innovation Awards where we were jointly awarded ‘Most Innovative Partnership’.

Tackling food poverty together

Since 2019, we have worked closely with Cook for Good on our Priory Green estate in Islington to tackle food insecurity and social isolation. Our research has found that food insecurity is the biggest social issue in this area with one in ten people aged 15 and over experiencing moderate or high levels of food insecurity.

Success year-on-year

Starting with a surplus food pantry in 2019, Cook for Good has developed a highly successful approach to tackling complex social issues. Local people can now visit the food pantry to do their weekly shop at a low . They can enjoy cooking classes and community meals at the community kitchen which Cook for Good have built within the estate’s Hugh Cubitt Community Centre. They can also access volunteering, training and employability opportunities through a range of initiatives.

This programme is largely funded by the cooking-based teambuilding events which Cook for Good also offer, and from social partnerships with local businesses. The response for the community to these opportunities has been extremely positive with over 7,800 community meals cooked by volunteers and class participants in its first year of operation.

Working in partnership together and with the community

Our partnership with Cook for Good has enabled them to develop and scale their organisation rapidly. We’ve bolstered their commitment to supporting the local community by offering a secure, long-term tenancy that is both rent and utility charges free. Across London and the Home Counties, we’re continuing to support partners like Cook for Good to offer secure, long-term tenancies so that they can make positive contributions for the community over many years.

The partnership project was highly praised by award judges who said: “This partnership has resulted in a self-sustaining business model in Cook for Good, as Peabody has enabled them to grow their own revenue stream – critical for longer term viability. A fantastic partnership with continued proven results year-on-year – and never more needed than now!”

Karen Mattison, Cook for Good’s Co-Founder, said: “We are so pleased that the strength of our innovative partnership with Peabody has been recognised by the judges. The impact this work is having on our community is tangible, and lasting; our residents know we are here to stay and that makes everything we do all the more powerful. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Peabody in the years ahead; we would also like to pay tribute to our fantastic volunteers and residents whose support makes our model work so successfully.”

Ashley Richardson, Local Area Plan Manager for Islington and Southwark at Peabody, said: “I think what really solidifies this project is its sustainability. Cook For Good through their own efforts are able to raise funding to launch and maintain community programmes working hand in hand with local community residents. This unrestricted funding model creates the ability to be innovative, flexible and responsive! It creates authenticity and allows for a fully immersive experience for all involved.”

For more information about how we’re working with local partners in Islington and Southwark, please contact Ashley Richardson:

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