Rachel and her team look after our supported housing properties in Essex, making sure they’re well-maintained, safe and pleasant homes.  

“Every day is different in the world of specialist housing management. We aim to make life better for the residents who live in our care and support schemes. This involves working with lots of different people, including our scheme-based colleagues, councils and partner agencies. 

“If there are any complicated or unusual repair issues, our colleagues who work in the schemes will come to us for help. We also assist with anti-social behaviour situations, so that everyone can live happily and safely in their homes. And finally, we ensure our homes are perfectly adapted for the people who live there.” 

Favourite part of the role 

“I really enjoy the variety of my role, as there’s always something new happening. Plus, my job involves lots of problem solving and collaboration, which I love! 

“I also get a great insight into the goings on of our schemes – and see amazing acts of kindness every day. Although we often support people during challenging times, we also get to see the very best of people as they overcome obstacles and really improve their lives. It’s incredible to see how our care and support services help people. 

“If you ever get the opportunity to join a specialist housing management team, I’d say do it! It’s fast paced, with lots of variety of activity and the people are great.” 

Why Rachel joined Peabody 

“I started my Care and Support career by accident 21 years ago. I was doing two jobs in my early 20’s to make ends meet, when my friend’s mum suggested I do some care and support work on the side to earn more. 

“So I signed on as a bank worker. I loved it so much that straight after my first day of work I left my other jobs and joined the team full time.  

“I worked for Two Counties Community Care, which merged with Family Mosaic and eventually ended up merging with Peabody. This gave me the opportunity to work in young people services too, where I became the manager of two supported housing schemes for young people experiencing homelessness.  

“From there, I moved into housing management services and started leading the Essex team.” 

Hobbies and interests 

"I live in North Essex with my partner, seven-year-old daughter, labrador, tortoise and fish. You can see the seafront from my garden and I’ve loved getting into sea swimming recently!  

“I’m the kind of person who will try anything once, so have picked up lots of different hobbies, including reading, photography, sewing and pyrography.” 

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