Peabody purchased the Cleverly site in 1926 with money from an anonymous donor. We completed the first 246 homes, designed by Victor Wilkins, in 1929 and named them after the banker William Cleverly Alexander. Cleverly set new standards for social housing because the estate was spacious, had separate bathrooms and an enclosed playground.

The estate suffered considerable bomb damage in World War II. Notably, on 14 February 1945 a V2 rocket fell and killed 30 people on the estate. Later that year, a children’s party was held to celebrate the victory over Japan.

After the war, we expanded the site by adding Blakenham Court (named after Lord Blakenham, a former Chair of the Board).

In 2010, Cleverly was selected to participate in the Natural Estates project that aims to empower residents to actively shape and improve the green spaces on their doorstep. The whole estate has been designated a conservation area by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Old photo of Cleverly

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