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Peabody publishes report on the solutions for addressing housing need and affordability across its North Counties region

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Joe Marshall, Managing Director for Development for Peabody’s North Counties region, which spans Berkshire in the west, across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, and into Essex in the east, hosted a roundtable discussion in Milton Keynes last month (November 2022) to talk about the future of the area and meeting local housing needs and affordability.

Published: 19/12/2022

Joe Marshall, Managing Director for Development for Peabody’s North Counties region, which spans Berkshire in the west, across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, and into Essex in the east, hosted a roundtable discussion in Milton Keynes last month (November 2022) to talk about the future of the area and meeting local housing needs and affordability.   

This year’s roundtable follows on from a similar event Catalyst, part of the Peabody Group, hosted in Cambridge last autumn where the key topic was the Government’s draft Oxford-Cambridge Arc Spatial Framework.  

With much economic and political change over the last 12 months, the conversation at this year’s roundtable centred around solutions to the big issues: affordability of housing, the increasingly tangible threat of climate change and the cost-of-living crisis.  

Joe told us: ‘The over-riding out-take was an appetite for closer cooperation in the region. To recognise our shared aims and to build bridges not barriers between different parts of the sector and the supply chain. We know we have common goals for inclusive growth, increasing the affordability and social value of new developments and embedding sustainability within everything we do. 

‘This report distils down our discussion and attempts to set out a way forward. It provides ideas for how we can work together and use our collective voice, and on what we practically need to do to maximise output.’ 

Read the full report. 

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