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Making a positive impact - our PCF Annual Report 2022-23

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Our Peabody Community Foundation (PCF) has published its annual report, telling the story of how we've supported people in our communities. We've listened to what residents want and worked with them and local organisations to make a positive impact. 

Published: 11/12/2023

More than 1,100 people found a job, started an apprenticeship or achieved qualifications last year thanks to the investment and support of our Peabody Community Foundation (PCF). Meanwhile, hundreds more benefited from health, wellbeing and financial support, fitness activities and access to free or subsidised food to help them face the challenges posed by the rising cost of living.

The work of the PCF, our community investment arm, has never been more important. In the year to the end of March 2023, we invested £8.2m in our communities. It’s one of our key priorities to get closer to our residents. So we’re working hard to adopt a more local focus to make sure we’re providing the right investment and support where it’s needed.

“We know it’s critical that we continue to recognise and respond to what people need to thrive,” said Stephen Burns, Executive Director, Care, Inclusion and Communities.

“We’ll continue to work side-by-side with our residents, communities, stakeholders and partners to unlock opportunities, co-create services and deliver programmes and activities that really make a difference.”

Helping residents make a difference themselves

One of our key aims is to provide investment, support and advice to help residents make a difference themselves. Last year we awarded £1.1m in grants to community organisations. We gave residents a place on the decision-making panel for the Thamesmead Community Fund and the Youth People’s Fund. And we also provided training, support (and in six cases a grant of £10,000) to seven community organisations to help them deliver social change in their community.

Where things like food pantries or social and wellbeing activities for children were needed, we offered our community centres so residents could help their own community. What better way to make sure the services we support are ones that are actually needed?

Education and training is also important. Our Economic and Inclusion team helped residents reduce their debts by providing apprenticeships, training and specialist financial advice. Last year we used our supply chain to help 206 people find a construction apprenticeship and supported 476 local social enterprises to access support and resources. We also helped 81 businesses to trade locally.

Delivering the greatest possible value

Looking ahead, we know that the financial challenges facing our residents are not going away any time soon. And we know that we need to work harder than ever to make sure we deliver the greatest possible value for our communities and those that live in them.

To find out more, read the full report or see our PCF Report web page.

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