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A framework for a more active, healthy and productive landscape in Thamesmead.

Published: 25/11/2020

‘Living in the landscape’ is our long-term plan for everyone to make the most of Thamesmead’s green spaces and waterways. It aims to encourage people to get closer to nature in their neighbourhood so they can lead happier, healthier, more sustainable lives. 

Living in the landscape sets out five themes:

    1. The big blue –realising the full potential of Thamesmead’s lakes and canals. 
    2. Wilder Thamesmead – maintaining and creating habitat for wildlife. 
    3. A productive landscape – bringing about growing, enterprise and education projects. 
    4. Active Thamesmead – having outdoor spaces that encourage sports, activities and play 
    5. Connected Thamesmead – making it easier to get around Thamesmead.

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Thamesmead Biodiversity Action Plan 

Our Biodiversity Action Plan complements Living in the Landscape. It provides guidance on how local people can protect and enhance Thamesmead’s priority habitats and species, helping to create stronger ecosystems.

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