Emmanuel is a Support Worker in one of our supported housing schemes for people with mental ill health.

“My name is Emmanuel Warrie. I’m a support worker at Southwood Smith Street. It’s a great place to work. We have a good team here.

“The scheme is very young and at the moment we have 12 clients.

“It’s a very rewarding job. Rewarding in terms of seeing people with mental health getting better, but there are times when they recede. It’s all about giving your best on every day you are at work.

“With the clients, we don’t criticise them, we don’t judge them – we’re not judgemental. We take them like our family, because if a member of our family has mental health are we going to chuck them out, are we going to disassociate ourselves with them? No. When they are down we pick them up, dust them off, give them all the necessary support and show them the right direction.

“There are those who are responding quite well and there are those who are just laid back. Even though they are laid back they are still trying their best. The staff are also still trying their best.

“We learn every day from what we are doing here, and that’s why personally I love what I’m doing here. I love my role, I love this job, I love Peabody. And God willing I will continue to do what I’m doing here for a very long time.”

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