Mark is a Caretaker in Essex. He helps us keep the schemes and properties in our Homelessness and Transitions Service in great condition.

“I do lots of different things, from decorating properties to litter picking, doing simple repair jobs, enabling health and safety and supporting external contractors while they go about their work. No two days are the same!”

Favourite part of the role

“I work with a great bunch of people, who are all welcoming and always ready for a laugh. Even in the most difficult times there’s a real sense of camaraderie. 

“We’re a small, friendly team and I have complete autonomy over organising and prioritising my work. The variety of work is also a big plus!”

Who would Mark recommend this role to?

“Being a Caretaker at Peabody is a job you can make your own. We are there to support our housing teams and lend a helping hand wherever we can.  

“It’s suited to people who love variety, autonomy, getting out and about and fixing things. All our schemes and properties are different and pose unique puzzles for us to solve.

“You don’t need specific knowledge or experience of a trade: just good common sense and DIY skills. I’m always learning how to do new things, even after several years.” 

Learning the ropes

“We have lots of independence, but that doesn’t mean we’re without help or support. We’re a friendly bunch and the kettle is always on.

“There is always a Caretaker just a phone call away who will answer your questions, give you tips that have made their life easier or lend a hand. You’ll also get to know the kind people in our housing schemes, who will help you settle in.  

“And if there’s something I can’t do, I can ask our contractors to help. We get lots of training around health and safety, fire safety and manual handling too.” 

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